Monday, June 9, 2008

The Character of Marcia

Author(s): Hugo Manso
Location: Spain

"The Character of Marcia"

Directed by Tamara Jenkins
Written by Michael Hoffman
Editing by Jay Cassidy
Cinematography by Seamus McGarvey
Music Score by John Williams

Main Cast

Lisa Kudrow ... Marcia Cost
Winona Ryder ... Lina Johns
Skeet Ulrich ... Henry Fisher
Edward James Hyland ... Lawrence
Milo Ventimiglia ... Matt

Tagline: "The best character of your life might be yourself"

Synopsis: From that third line seat he was contemplating the wondeful acting skills of Marcia Cost. He was nobody, he was just one of many people from the audience that fell every night in love with that marvellous actress. It was the year 1925. Marcia Cost was one of the most valuable and respected stage actress of her time. She still remembered when the theater was filled of people weeks and weeks in a row awaiting for her. Those good all times. Now the growing film industry was putting and end on her profession. Marcia knew the theatre was dying.

Marcia Cost was known for possessing a great intelligence. Things were pretty clear, if she wanted to keep her status she would have to make a big step: She would have to leave the stage for a cinematogarphic studio.

Lawrence, her agent, was in love with her since the very moment she knocked at his door looking for representation, twenty-five years ago. That sixty-something man didn’t had the contacts enough anymore to force a way for her through the industry. Marcia knew that if she wanted to make it she would have to get rid of her old agent. Soon she found a young and energetic one, Matt. Thanks to that boy contacts, Marcia got a supporting role in a movie starring the young and lovable actress Lina Johns.

Soon Marcia started to win the love of Lina. That wonderful actress was like a nanny for her. It was her who Lina told everything to. It was her who gave her advice and listened to her worries. After one night where Lina was ridiculized by another respected actress and Marcia stood up for her, they became best friends.

Little by little, Marcia started to take advantage from her influence over Lina. Henry, Lina’s boyfriend, tried to open Lina’s eyes trying to make her understand that she was being used but... all in vain. Marcia knew that the moment had arrived. Lina was dissatisfied with the director. Marcia persuaded her to object and she let her know that if it was required she would leave the film with her. Decided Lina went to the director’s office. She demanded stuffs that he would not concede. She gave up, but Marcia didn’t. Marcia stood against her. Once Lina was fired Marcia got the leading role.

What the Press would say:

What a powerful compelling movie. It tells the story of a respected actress who will do anything to make her a way in a bussiness that requires intelligence. She will even play with the feeling of a young actress in her benefit. Lisa Kudrow performs one of the most memorable characters of the year. She has built an incredible woman and plays it with strength and passion. We are talking about one of the most important performance of the year. Just perfect. Then we have Winona Ryder making her big comeback as the fragile, lovable Lina. The first half of the movie you see Lina as a diva, always smiling, always happy with her boyfriend (perfectly performed by Skeet Ulrich). But when Marcia comes close to her we get to see her vulnerability and insecurity. We get to feel sorry about her. When she discovers that she was used by Marcia, feelings start to flow. Winona has made the character utterly hers. Another breathtaking performance is Edward James Hyland’s. This quite unknown actor has made a powerful performance as Lawrence, Marcia’s old agent. He gets to feel one of the worst feelings: to love and not being loved. The grief and impotence will make Hyland his way to gold. Milo Ventimiglia and Skeet Ulrich show their acting skills with grace and magnificient with limited time screen. The score by John Williams pitchs perfectly with the tone of the movie. A beautiful cinematography along with the smart editing makes this movie a masterpiece.


Best Picture
Best Director (Tamara Jenkins)
Best Original Screenplay (Michael Hoffman)
Best Actress (Lisa Kudrow)
Best Supporting Actor (Edward James Hyland)
Best Supporting Actress (Winona Ryder)

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